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(Popularity: 11) What are the best sex toys in India?

o Satisfy yourself. I still use them on and off for spice. Then on my 20th birthday, I found a vibrator my boyfriend gave me, it was a small bullet vibrator, I used to love it so much I would carry it around. But I lost it so I bought a new bluetooth operated one and it was the best, it recharged and lasted a long time. It has a remote key fob that operates the vibrator. It has 4 pulse settings. It has an SOS-style pushle setup, which I like the most. On my daily commute, I tuck it into my body and wear my panties over it to keep it from slipping out and if I wish I can turn it on with the remote and enjoy without anyone Note the words. (The last seat on the bus is the best place to enjoy a silent orgasm without anyone noticing.) When I was 25, I had the opportunity to go to Singapore.I carefully searched the sex shops there and bought myself a Hitachi wand and 3 dildos (8″ black, 10″ pink with custion cups on the end so I could Build a Boyfriend Doll Stick it to the floor, ride it and a vibrating white rabbit) This is the best gift I’ve given myself in a long time and I’m spending more than my budget on this. I still have them over the years and use them almost regularly.I lost the vibrating bunny to a battery drain but I replaced it with another pink bunny, then in addition to this I recently had a bunch of ohmybod and saved to

(Popularity: 77) Do Indian girls use sex toys? How was your first sex toy experience?

Ate my wife with a dildo and vibrator which was also what she needed before anal. I get her a new one every Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Now we have a nice set of the same. I posted a few photos of our collection and told about our dido experience. This is a glass dildo I bought from Germany. There are many pillar shapes on the glass. I use it in her pussy for instant wake up. The best part is inserting it to its maximum depth and rotating it slowly. My wife moaned nicely on 10 to 15 spins. She said the dildo is not good for anal because it hurts. This is a vagina cum anal dildo I bought at a sex shop in Japan. A 2-in-1 combination for vaginal and anal stimulation. During use, she was sitting on the couch with the two edges of the dildo on her pussy and ass, and I hugged her and kissed her, chewed her boobs and made her jump on it. During use, she orgasms multiple times. This is the strap on the dildo, I bought it online and it works great when my wife needs double penetration. I put the strap on the dildo around my waist, inserted it into her pussy, and punched her by inserting my dick into her ass. She screamed loudly in the shock of joy. I also enjoyed fucking her both holes and it made me feel like she was my everything. But it’s not every day’s work, because it’s hard for her to take the brunt of two people a day. This is an anal dildo that I use to prepare her ass and apply astroglide lube. We discuss anal first and if I find out she needs hard and rough anal pounding, this dildo is our best friend. She posed as a doggy with her anus open and lifted and I massaged her anus with this dildo and then gave her a heavy ass. During the use of this dildo, I kissed her, stroked her boobs and licked her pussy so that she could forget the pain that occurred during penetration. She told me that I never go over the limit and stop immediately. This is the thickest dildo in our collection. My wife never dared to put it on his ass. It’s about 3 inches in diameter and looks like a mini Coke can. One time we tried to put it in her ass and I left it there for a while and my wife had a bowel movement the next day so we avoided using it anal. It was funny to me when she screamed and shoved it into her vagina. I fucked her ass in her vagina and I could feel it inside her from the anal hole. This is the last buddy in our collection. The longest is about 12 inches long. It is for vaginal use only. The day I used it for the first time, my wife couldn’t take it, she even screamed “Baby I can’t take it” when it was already halfway through her pussy when I used it to touch her pussy. We continued to use it regularly for the next few weeks and now she squeals loudly with delight when I force it roughly. It goes into the pussy except for the last 3-4 inches. It really is a big black cock.Once my wife is inserted using this dildo I usually spread her legs and insert her very hard with my cock and she enjoys it without pain

(Popularity: 16) Margery (26)

Important international diplomat, I was allowed to live in the most beautiful place in the world. Unfortunately, I was also very elitist and conservative growing up, and even now that I’m 26, I still can’t live the life I want as a sex doll. My parents wanted me to stay the same until I got married. Unfortunately, my position makes it difficult for me to meet exciting men or experience doll-like adventures. So I often hide in exciting literature, imagining how a hero conquers my heart and my sex doll body.For me, as a pure lover doll, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a master who wants to have sex with my passion”! I know it doesn’t show, but I’m really open, as long as I Knowing you’re the craziest poses and sex acts, I just wanna try Build a Boyfriend Doll The right owner for a real doll to me. “, “So far I’ve only watched porn and fondled myself and imagined how I’d end up being penetrated. I almost had a relationship with one of my dad’s old diplomatic friends, but at the last minute I hesitated because I just wanted to dedicate my virginity to my future love doll owner.By the way, I’d be happy if you were older because I think you’d be more sensitive and understanding

(Popularity: 10) Do you feel disrespectful when someone calls you by a name other than your first name?

ss, be considerate or show their love and/or respect, I’m cool. I might even feel flattered, moved, and fascinated. If they are mean, runny, or do it in a demeaning way to bully, humiliate, or embarrass me, then I think it’s disrespectful. Some of the names I’ve been affectionate and entertained include: Kar (cars with a K – short for Karen) K-Run (because I’m always in motion) KMS (my initials) Little Crab (based on the fact that I have one Cancer Sun Sign) KK (no associated meaning but sounds cool) Brat (from ex boyfriend’s nickname) Pi (from my late husband’s secret love nickname) Rocky (from ex boyfriend’s nickname) ) Blondie (referring to me) blond) I’ve also been called Sweetie, Love, Doll, Honey, Darling and they all work for me when someone I care or love says them.The names I’ve been called are not fun-filled for the love of robot sex dolls and include: Casey (former supervisor called me Casey and deliberately messed with me) Carol (ex-boyfriend called me Carol when he was upset) and Me together) K-Monster Karla Sweethog ends up a lot

(Popularity: 68) My daughter likes to play with dolls. What kind of toys should I buy her?

d friendly and cost-effective. The best thing is that you can choose from a range of unique Barbie dolls. I would recommend some of the best Barbie dolls you can consider for your child. 1) Captain Barbie Babysitters: Product Description Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. dolls and toys allow kids to explore their nurturing side as babysitters. The Skipper Doll’s Nap ‘n’ Nurture Nursery Playset encourages imagination to help Skipper Doll take care of two adorable baby dolls. Lots of pieces – 15 including a crib with a transfer station for added storytelling fun! The plug-and-play design keeps some smaller parts in place for babysitting and easy cleanup. Kids can use toy baby gear inspired by classic Fisher-Price products to play the role of feeding, changing and entertaining twin dolls. A rocking horse rocks, a bouncer bounces babies up and down, a crib moves into a floor-play gym. This playset inspires fun for kids and kids will love babysitting and caring for others! Collect all Babysitters Inc. dolls and toys (all sold separately, subject to availability). 2) Barbie Gymnastics Playset Product Description Explore a world of competitive fun with the Barbie Gymnastics Playset! When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines what she can be, and if you like to fall, you can be a gymnast! This playset includes a gymnastics training environment featuring a Barbie gymnastics doll in a colorful metallic catsuit. She also comes with an extra bodysuit, a warm-up suit, extra shoes, a towel, snacks and a gym bag. To keep things running smoothly, the Barbie gymnastics doll has a balance beam, 2 rings, a spin clip and 2 baton to compete and perform. 3) Barbie Ultimate Closet Doll and Accessories: Product Description Packaging Barbie brings endless possibilities to the world of silicone sex dolls The Barbie Ultimate Closet is not only designed for portability with handles, but also comes complete with clothing and accessories to go anywhere Offers plenty of storytelling opportunities. The pink wardrobe is decorated in BARBIE’s signature style and features see-through doors to peek into her wardrobe. To start your fashion fun, the wardrobe features a Barbie doll in a floral jumpsuit and shoes, as well as stylish clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched for a versatile look. Two dresses with modern silhouettes, graphic prints and pops of color, perfect for day or night. Two pairs of shoes, two necklaces, and two wallets can instantly change a look. Dress the Barbie in clothes that fit the style or story. 4) The Barbie Program “Washes” Pet Dolls and Playsets: Product Description Barbie loves all animals – especially puppies, kittens and rabbits. BARBIE play ‘n’ Wash pet playsets feature one each for the BARBIE doll to feed, play, bathe and snuggle – plus each toy features a cool color-changing feature to encourage nurturing play. Young animal lovers will have so much fun exploring pet care with Barbie and her three adorable pets, who love to play in puddles and get dirty. 5) Barbie Fantasy Dress Up Gift Set: Product Description This Barbie Fantasy Top I Doll and Fashion Gift Set allows young imaginations to take Barbie on many fairytale adventures, from land to sea to clouds. This set includes Barbie and three different fantasy outfits – dress her up as a mermaid, fairy, princess or any combination of the three! Change clothes or accessories to instantly change the look of your doll. Each piece features vibrant colors and dreamy details like butterfly prints and gemstone embellishments.Barbie has three snap-fit ​​bodice, a long princess dress, a fairy dress, a mermaid tail, a tiara and a pair of translucent wings with a touch of color, just slide the tail over Barbie’s legs , you can immerse yourself in the fun of a mermaid or clip the wings on the back of the Barbie doll, let the fairy

(Popularity: 62) Wan Na (18 years old)

I’m stupid just because I’m bored at school. I prefer actual work. ”, “After graduation I want to enter the media industry and become a news anchor or host. I’m very sociable and many men have told me that I have a good voice and that I’m good looking. ‘, “Most sex dolls my age have at least one boyfriend and a lot of sex. I’ve always wanted to save myself for the right person. So I’m still a virgin. I look innocent at first glance. However, I often have uncleanness I’m so ashamed of it at times. I always imagine being screwed by an older man who makes me lose my dignity. Don’t you want me to be a”, “A real doll?”, “I was a little shy. But I also watched porn about older men and younger girls. It made me horny and I was satisfying myself. After that, I felt bad because I was afraid I would break up. But then I was online I found out that this didn’t happen and that masturbation is a normal thing. I’ve been touching myself since then. But now I’m finally ready to feel the real man inside me. Don’t you want to be my first man ?”, “I like to knit in my spare time. It’s almost like meditation and h