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(Popularity Rate: 55 ) How do scientists explain the real life Annebelle doll?

bocker toy company. It could have been bought completed or as a sewing kit. I am no a doll expert even by a long stretch of the imagination, but fake vagina my guess is the pattern type for the Annabelle doll was either the 1963 McCall’s pattern #6941 or the 1970 McCall’s pattern #2531. I could not find information on whether she was hand sewn or machine made. No matter which, Annabelle is made of cotton fabric and stuffing, with plastic eyes and acrylic wool hair.
Annabelle was reportedly given to the “demonologists” Ed and Lorraine Warren after 1970 (ergo my guesses as to which patterns Annabelle follows). It is not clear who gave them the doll – it is reportedly an unnamed 28yold nursing student who experienced weird things after the doll came into her possession. Or so the Warrens say. She allegedly had a session with a “spirit medium” during which it was discovered the doll was possessed by the spirit of Annabelle Higgins (despite the name, an unidentified person who may or may not have existed and had anything to do with the doll). Or so the Warrens say. After their “investigation”, however, the Warrens were able to determine that the doll was possessed by a demon who was hoping to jump onto a human host. Or so the Warrens say.
They certainly took possession of the doll at some point and it is still displayed in their museum in Monroe, Connecticut. The doll continued to act up there. Or so the Warrens say. Apparently, a visitor to the museum did not take the instructions on handling Annabelle seriously, which caused his tragic death in a motor accident on the way home. Or so the Warrens say. Similarly, a Catholic priest protested that Annabelle was not more powerful than god, and threw her across the room. Subsequently, he also had a motor accident, albeit his was not fatal. Or so the Warrenes say.
I think you are getting my drift. Almost everything supernatural that people believe about Annabelle relies exclusively on what the Warrens say. (The rest relies on what they saw in the Conjuring movies… let that sink in.) Meanwhile, none of what the Warrens say can be objectively demonstrated.
So, as a scientist, here is what I wonder about Annabelle:
To those who have a much more extensive knowledge about Raggedy Ann dolls – which pattern does the Annabelle doll follow? Can you tell if it was a mass produced or a hand-made doll? What does her pattern and make tell of her age? Does she actually come from the 1970s? And on a related note –
When did the Warrens first start talking about Annabelle? I have not been able to trace her original mention in their canon of stories… A timeline would be helpful, and it would also show us to what degree their testimony changed (or did not change) over time. Inconsistent stories are, obviously, less trustworthy, while consistent ones merit further investigation.
Who was the unnamed motorcyclist who died after breaching Annabelle’s “security”? When did this incident happen? Is it possible to trace down the man’s name or death certificate?
This might seem unrelated, but why did the author of the text you linked to put up an unrelated picture of a car crashed into a motorcycle in their answer? How did this bolster their argument? Do we have any reason to believe that the image pertains to this particular accident? If yes, than that may help us with narrowing down the earliest possible time frame for the accident by figuring out the make and model of the car and motorcycle depicted. Obviously, a 1980 model can appear in 1990, but not in 1970. This might help us look for a car-motorcycle collision, who was involved, and whether any of them ever visited the Warren’s museum…
(I subsequently managed to figure out that the car involved was probably an AMC Matador, made between 1971 and 1978, in two distinct series but I don’t know which series the car in the image is. Meanwhile, a reverse search of the image gives me a Getty’s image offer for a poster, and a bunch of websites putting this image up to illustrate Warren’s story, but not explicitly connecting it to the event or providing a year for it.)
Who was the un-named priest who also got into an accident after mishandling Annabelle? What was his name? Which diocese was he part of? What reports did he write to his superiors about the event? Which sacred order was he inducted into? Is there any documentation to record his car wreck, the subsequent police report, his medical records, etc. (because there certainly should have been)? Is he still alive? If we can interview him, how consistent would his story of the incident be to the one told by the Warrens if the interviews are conducted independently?
Does Annabelle have consistent negative effects on those who “mishandle” her? If so, we can test this hypothesis. I would volunteer, and I know a few more sceptics who would do it too, just to have a larger sample. You see, we have two supposed incidents in which a guy had an accident on his way back from the Warren’s museum after he touched Annabelle (or flipped her off, or whatever). But this, in and of itself, means nothing unless we know 1) how many other people had an accident on their way back from the Warren’s museum without having offended Annabelle, 2) how many other people offended Annabelle and lived to tell the tale, and 3) how many people on average have accidents in this part of Connecticut. Two people having accidents in twenty plus years of a small-town back-road museum is deeply unsurprising and statistically unremarkable.
And even if we knew all that, the fact remains that it is entirely possible, even likely, to have an accident on the road. Why are these (supposed!!!) accidents conclusively connected to Annabelle? Did she leave a signature at the crime scene, as she apparently used to with the nursing student? Was she heard threatening the guy? What was the cause of his accident, and what part of that was Annabelle’s fault (because, remember, there are usually multiple factors to a fatal accident – so which one is Annabelle??)? How can you know that? How can anybody claim any causal relationship based on this flimsy, unsupported correlation?
It is said that Annabelle resists being destroyed. Another testable claim, hooray! Again, I will volunteer to set fire to the Annabelle doll, on camera, streaming in real time, with independent judges. Let’s see if she burns! (This should probably be the final test…)
It is also said that Annabelle moves in her box. Lovely, but does she really? If we have some indications that she does move, we should start asking how? We can move her to a new, absolutely stable compartment to eliminate the impact of her immediate environment, and see if she still moves for us there on camera. If she does, we can vary temperature or humidity in her compartment to see if that causes movements. We can xray her to see whether there are any unexpected materials which might cause the movement (e.g. wires).
And my main question, how – and I mean HOW, by which method, through which process, following which criteria – did Lorraine Warren come up with the idea that no, Annabelle was not possessed by a human spirit, but by a demon? How???? What did she observe exactly and is any of it objective? I understand that Lorraine says she has a supernatural gift of connection to the occult – but that is just the point. Lorraine merely says so.
So those are some of my immediate questions about Annabelle – or to be more precise – these are my questions about the legend of Annabelle.
The doll itself does not confuse me at all. It is a Raggedy Ann doll, probably from the 1970s, given or purchased by Ed and Lorraine Warren and displayed in their museum with an accompanying creepy tale. Despite the tales, Annabelle is just a piece of cotton fabric and stuffing. I could demonstrate it to you if Lorraine Warren would be willing to let me try burning it on television or drive around with it in a car, but t

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(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Will there ever be the level of acceptance for single males owning Japanese-manufactured women dolls/robots in the West the way it is almost universally accepted in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc.?

Your question has a false premise. Love dolls are not “universally accepted” in Japan or elsewhere in Mese Dollfake vagina Asia. It is strictly a niche market, exactly the same as elsewhere.

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) What is the safe way to buy sex toys in India?

est stories that started reading recently and want to narrate the real incident that happened in my life. While reading incest stories I used to think that they are no real, but now I believe that many of the stories are real and not fiction.
Coming to my story we are 3 members me (Ajay) Widow Mom (Nancy aged 46) sis (Sarla aged 22). We lost our father 5 years back, he was running a business and was a drunkard, once he died we had lots of problems because of his drinking habit we have almost lost everything and left with lots of loans. And later it’s my responsibility to look after my family that time I was just 21, then I stopped my studies and started to look after dads business which was in great loss, nobody ever thought we would come up with it, but I worked day and night for almost 5 years, now to my luck I got success and paid all the loans (except the house, paying little by little) and now we are almost settled.
When I used to work day and night by seeing me mom used to feel a lot and sometimes used to cry for me, but I used to console her and tell we will get good days soon, and now we got. To Check More Stories – X.chudaikikahani.online
Now whenever I get some chance I used to watch porn movies and read sex stories, and slowly I got attracted to incest stories and used to read them but think they may be fiction stories, but still liked the stories
One day that happened I was searching for something in my storeroom and then by accident, I just peeped through the window and found sis Sarla wearing a bikini after bath in the bathroom. We stay in the ground floor and our bathroom is behind our house, and our storeroom is on the first floor if we peep thru our store window we can have a full view of the bathroom.
I was stunned to see Sarla in a bikini, initially, I thought it was bad but as I used to read incest stories, that dirty thing came to my mind and kept watching she wore bikini then wearing her skirt came out, that night just her bikini figure came to my imagination had masturbated thinking of that scene and slept. But next morning I was waiting for her to go to bath and see from starting, I was having tea morning and she came out from her room in towel saying she go to bath to mom, then I suddenly got up and said mom I have to take something from storeroom so I going up, suddenly I went to my room took my binocular and went upside to storeroom, then I went near window and saw
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saw my naked sister with binoculars- incest stories
My gorgeous sis Sarla
she completed her bath I cummed twice in my boxers. This was my entertainment in my life and I used to watch it daily and enjoy myself.
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Mom “what were you doing there?”
Me “sorry mom it will never happen again I am really sorry”
Mom” tell me you are watching you sis getting a bath and masturbating”
Me “sorry I couldn’t control sorry again”
Came nearer me and said
Mom “ you have sacrificed a lot for us after your dad died, many a time I feel pity for you and we are unable to do you anything, now you are enjoying such things and I know its bit wrong, but if you are in certain limits I won’t object you”
Me “what do you mean mom”
Mom “you can watch, but don’t ever try for sex with her as she is unmarried and it will be a risk, hope u understand what I mean”
As mom only given permission I used to watch her a lot and it became habit daily and even used to peed in her room thru key hole enjoying her changing dress without her knowledge.
One day then bank manager where my house documents was there came to our house and handed all our documents to us saying our loan is cleared and that day mom was very very happy that time she hugged me and said lots of thanks for all this, that night I was in my room after dinner mom called me and told
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Me “why in her room today, what’s the matter”
She told “there is a small gift waiting for u in that room and that gift will not wake up for 3-4 hours as I have given sleeping tablet in milk to that gift”
I was feeling just like in heaven, and can’t express how I feel, I went near her and hugged tight and said why you doing this, then she told “today is a memorable day for me when bank manager handed all the documents and that too because of you my son” and then said “go and remember please don’t cross the limit and I will not disturb till midnight, come away from the room after 3-4 hours” then I understood that she warned me not to fuck her just watch, and touch and come back
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