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(Popularity Rate: 43 ) How would ladies react if they found their significant other owns a realistic adult sex doll?

and I had to “discover” it accidentally, I’d be pretty pissed off. I don’t do “secrets” in my relationships. Secrets block paths to intimacy. I value privacy, but there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.
I talk with my partners before they become partners about all manner of things, like politics, religion, feminism, and sex. They would have to know way before we ever started dating that I’m sex-positive, meaning that I believe that any and all sex that a consenting harmony female android adult has with other consenting adults (including the sex they have solo, as they would be consenting to sex with themselves) is OK. I believe that any sex of that nature is good up to and including no sex at all, if that’s what the person wants for themselves.
So for them to make it to the “partner” stage still *hiding* the fact that they have a sex doll … something would have to be seriously off. This would be a symptom of something much deeper going on.
Now … how would I feel about my partner having a sex doll? As I said, any sex among consenting adults is just fine by me. If I were to meet someone that I was interested in a relationship with, and I learned that he had a realistic sex doll, I’d be just fine with it.
In fact, I’d probably be quite curious about it, and if he was open to a little exhibitionism, I’d like to watch him masturbate with it (because it’s an inanimate object – you don’t have sex with the doll, you masturbate with it).
Hell, I’d like to have 2 of them for myself. I want one of them to be an exact copy of me. It would be a huge help to me in my costuming to have a replica of me so that I could see what things looked like on myself from all angles while I’m building the costume. I’d also like to watch a partner masturbate with it, because I’m curious what I look like in certain positions and what my partners look like with me when I can’t really see them or can only see them from one angle.
The other doll I want is a male doll that I could masturbate with. Female Sex DollsI don’t much care for penetrative sex toys like dildos, so I never masturbate with those things, but I do like having sex with men with penises. Sometimes, I want the feeling

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) Can I purchase any sex toys in Imphal?

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(Popularity Rate: 44 ) If I could get a real voodoo doll, could I do anything for my recently deceased husband? I have lock of his hair and a full toenail.

One: Voodoo dolls are BAD JUJU. What you do to the doll in malice will come back to you ten fold.
Two: He’s dead. Voodoo dolls only work on the living. All you’ll do is piss his spirit off.
Voodoo dolls are not hard to acquire, a little research and you can make your own, just don’t. Voodoo, and dolls in particular, are best left to practitioners who know what they’re doing.

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Why and when you want to buy a sex doll?

bound to be millions of people who are left feeling lonely, rejected, sad, and perhaps even unloveable.
And these feelings are just made worse with romance films and books, and lovers engaging in PDA all over town. Even TV ads, dating apps, and advertisements on the side of buses and subways all point to love.
Unfortunately, not all people are lucky in love. Which is why buying a realistic sex doll could be the perfect solution, and the best way to live out your fantasies! But that’s not the only reason why you should buy a sex doll!
With that, here are seven reasons why buying a sex doll may just be the best idea you’ve ever made.
1. Sex!
A realistic sex doll is the ultimate symbol of pleasure, even more so than a human partner. Why? Because a sex doll loves to do it anytime and anywhere, which effictively solves the problem that is lack of sex.
Within your control, you can make use of a realistic sex doll as your sexy submissive, getting you off with absolute delight day or night. This is hardly ever, if not impossible, when it comes to a human sex partner.
You can also try a slew of different sex positions, use different holes, and fuck as hard, fast, slow, or intimately that you wish. You are the only one in control when it comes to sex with a realistic sex doll, and you can release whenever you want it.
A sex doll also curbs the cravings for those who have a high sex drive and those who have a porn or sex addiction!
2. No Risk
When you buy a realistic sex doll, there is no risk of STI’s. It’s a 100 percent guilt-free experience that doesn’t require condom use, and gives you a real-feel.
Also, there’s no risk of pregnancy with a sex doll, so you can go to town all day and all night without any worries of being a baby daddy!
Additionally, a sex doll doesn’t cheat! There’s zero chance of jealousy (or any negative emotion).
3. Getting Back on Track
If you buy a realistic sex doll after a breakup, you’ll not only be able to continue your active sex life, but also have a means to get passed any weird or horrible experiences you might have encountered with a girlfriend or partner.
For example, perhaps an ex has made you feel self-conscious because they weren’t able to come with you. Or maybe they’ve said that they cannot find a sexual connection with you. Buying a sex doll will help you to perfect your techniques, last longer, and try different things that your next partner will almost definitely appreciate.
Who knows, your next partner may even love the idea of you having a sex toy, and thus you could spice up your relationship in that regard!
4. Your Perfect Partner
Whatever your appearance, you may be someone who really wants to get it on with an exceedingly attractive partner. Or maybe that’s not even the case, but yet you have a very particular taste in women. Buying a realistic sex doll will allow you to customise and source your perfect partner, giving you the chance to experience bliss.
Do you love blondes? Brunettes? Big tits or small? Perhaps you love a woman with a tight and smooth pussy? Your realistic sex doll can be whoever you want her to be whilst giving you crazy intense orgasms and a lot of sexual pleasure.
Another great factor is the fact that sex dolls are a virgin when you buy them. A brand new toy just for you to enjoy! So, if you have a secret fetish for virgins, a sex doll is a very enticing idea.
5. No Emotional Issues
If you’re done with the emotional side of dating and sex, buying a realistic sex doll will effectively remove all of those issues. A sex doll doesn’t nag, complain, get sad, depressed or unhappy. And when you’re with her, you need not compromise anything – be it in the bedroom or other.
On the flipside, a realistic sex doll can offer companionship and a life size real feel woman with whom an actual connection can be formed for some.
So whether you’re looking for something solely sexual, or even a companion to remove any loneliness sans negative emotions, a realistic sex doll can give you all that.
6. Financial Freedom
If you buy a realistic sex doll, sure you may spend a pretty penny getting your absolutely favourite, but after that… you need not worry about taking her out on dates, spending money on fancy restuarants, trips to the cinema, or weekend getaways! A sex doll is gives you sexual, emotional, and financial freedom, all in one.
7. Live Out Your Fantasy
Have you always wanted to have a threesome? How about having sex in a new and intriguing sex position? Do you have a specific kind of fetish that you’re afraid to talk about? Your life-life sex doll doesn’t judge! You can literally buy a realistic sex doll that is two twin sisters stacked on top of each other showing off their holes, giving you the best threesome of your life!
Not only that, but sex dolls are loyal, and they have considerably low maintenance requirements. And if you are looking to satisfy a specific doll fetish, voila

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) How much do sex robots cost?

s into virtual realities and had claimed to have some sort of business there. Sex bots came up in that discussion too. While other men in the discussion got either enthusiastic about possibilities and went on about how this would break “the power of women” or were neutral to the subject, more or less made fun of it or rejected the idea, he was pretty quiet. Later when i caught him alone I asked him why that was and after a bit of back and forth he came out with the following:
His virtual business was: he was renting out virtual avatars for virtual sex. He said he started “classic” with real people (mostly gay and transexual men) behind the sex working avatars (male and female) offering dialoge, reacting to the customers, which built up a strong male client base fast. While going stong in male demand, employees were unreliable with their working times and he could not meet the demand, which of course frustrated the customers. All in all he did not make the amount of money he expected. After talking to some of his customers he the idea that avatars, who could be steered by the customer would be more efficient, financially attractive for him, even if he would lower the price and quite successfull because they would totally do what the customer wants at the speed the customer wants it. So he did some technical adjustments including bot dialoges, sounds and offered that. He offered male and female avatars. Both were almost exclusively used by male avatars at that point. Business first started out ok, but after a short time it died down to almost zero. What happened next was even more surprising for him: Female avatars started to come in and use the steerable male avatars and this kept going steadily. While not being an as big a business as female avatars with people steering them, it still was more successfull then the customer steerable avatars. He ended on the note that for him that experience in the virtual world made him sceptical that sex bots will be an as big deal soon as he thought they might be. He himself had considered a sex bot, so was in favor for their use, but after working in this virtual business he started to lose interest. Still he wanted to keep up the belief that it would “break womens power over men” because to him it “felt” that it must be true.
While he seemed honestly astonished about this a lot of people might understand what’s going on here.
So – no I do not think sex bots will reduce the power of women, because the sort of postulated power is non existing. It has its roots in the simple need for human connection. Women have a different understanding of that. For us a dildo is a dildo. We do not expect it to be human even if it has a bot form. You can have fun with it but it’s not a human being. Some men are so disconnected from their own emotions that they don’t understand this. And while bots might fake intimacy we will see how long such a fake

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) Is it wrong or outta line for me to be mad at my boyfriend when brings me home a sex toy that has been opened and used?

your boyfriend? And I am not throwing shade at repurposing an item or putting some TLC into an antique, because I for one love a great find at a thrift store and enjoy being crafty myself. This does not however seem like what your boyfriend is doing.
Number one is your health and safety. He should also be worrying about his own. Contaminated, used and unsanitized sex toys that do NOT belong to YOU should not be used for your own sexual pleasure. It simply is not worth all of the risks involved. YOU are too good for that. You are worth so much more than that. You deserve better. You have the right to be Mad, Sad, Incredulous, Bitter and straight up Pissed as Hell if you like! His priorities and motivations strike me as immature,selfish, dangerous and cheap.
If he wants to get you a gift-letters,wildflowers, notes and harmony female android acts of kindness are all free and can demonstrate and show love without exposing you to a gift that keeps on giving.
Perhaps he doesn’t understand the risks- then you can explain it to him and question why he doesn’t know this information in the first place? Especially if he is mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with having a sexual partner.
Also-If I were you, I would want to know where is he going to get all of these used/ half used/ opened sex toys from? And from whom?
Please don’t do anything you’re not 100% comfortable with. If you’re feeling pressure, please talk to someone. Hopefully you can have an open and ho