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(Popularity: 11) Which country will be the first to produce super sex dolls?

I think we all agree that it will be Japan.

(Popularity: 42) Do you think sex dolls will be considered normal and not so taboo in the future?

There will be a large selection of silicone dolls available for sale. Like those: Schoolgirl Silicon Doll Maid Silicon Doll Blonde Silicon Doll and many others and people are buying them in bulk. And what about silicone male dolls? There are also many. Male silicon dolls Interestingly, Aldus Huxley predicted in his seminal book Brave New World in a dystopian society of the future that humans do not need to have sex for reproduction. Instead, it will be pure joy. His vision was that humans would have sex through interaction, but he doesn’t seem to have anticipated that humans wouldn’t need another human being to have sex with. How would humans grow up if we had sex with silicon wives?Aldus Huxley predicted that reproduction would take place in a laboratory and that humans would be born with certain characteristics

(Popularity: 38) Is it a sin to have sex with a sex doll?

d Others that most people despise.what are you state-of-the-art sex robot It’s nobody’s business to do things behind your own door.If you don’t get the doll’s consent, I’m worried about BBW Sex Dollabout doll cop kicking your door

sex doll

sex doll

silicone sex doll

silicone sex doll

(Popularity: 61) Why do some Japanese men choose dolls instead of real girls?

her Japanese. Background: I’m from an Asian country and people won’t know I’m a foreigner unless I speak English or another native language. Graduated from a well-known university in China, and has been working in Tokyo since graduation. My ex-boyfriend in Japan is 2 years younger than me, the only child of a relatively wealthy family (only foreign cars like BMW in the family, he has never driven a Japanese car, has a holiday home in Hakone, etc.). Being with him was stressful. I guess he grew up with the mindset that women should follow men and doesn’t like my opinion on things. Conversations go well only when I agree with what he says without pointing out other ways of thinking. I think I said so much about my thoughts that he once asked me why I had so many opinions. He was also dismissive of my figure, my body hair and my lack of cooking skills. I’m not as skinny as the Japanese, he used to hold my belly and call me fat. I’m not registered for hair removal in my country because no one actually looks at your leg hair and hair removal services are very expensive (of course I make sure my underarms are clean) so he touches my legs (he has a leg fetish ) and mentioned how hairy I am and how prickly my legs are. I mind. As for my lack of cooking skills, people might think that’s an excuse, but it’s so much more convenient to do takeout at home, so I didn’t really bother learning the basics. I used to talk to him in Japanese, but as a foreigner, I obviously don’t know the daily nuances of Japanese, so sometimes I use the wrong term, which sounds too strong. Instead of correcting me, he just told me to speak to him in English one day because my Japanese was putting a lot of pressure on him. This has been bothering me and it has caused me to lose confidence when talking to my Japanese colleagues. He’s pretty much a flip flop. He called me once during our LDR, when he was in the US for an exchange, and I came home and said we’d better be friends and get back together when I moved to Tokyo. But when I moved to Tokyo, he said he didn’t have the confidence to be with me because he “didn’t want to lose me as a friend”. We always thought of it as a relationship, but now when I look back, it was more of a friendship with benefits. He gradually stopped answering my text messages saying he was busy looking for a job. We met about once a month, but mostly because he wanted sex while insisting we were friends. At that time I couldn’t give up on him and begged him many times to give me another chance to be his girlfriend. But he just said he hates me, we don’t have any chance of getting back together, I should just drop him, find someone new, and forget him (he wants to date someone in finance, so when he’s sent to work overseas, his wife will follow him). So I ended up doing it. Abandoned him, met my good boyfriend, but didn’t really forget him because of the scars he left. Oh boy, wasn’t he mad when he found out about my new boyfriend. He started begging me to take him back, saying he was sorry for the mean things he said and didn’t make time for me. Started getting hysterical about how a two-week new guy won our two-year relationship and started putting the blame on me. When I told him it wasn’t going to work, and even vowed revenge, I couldn’t see his future, nor Japan’s. tl;dr, my Japanese ex-boyfriend is trying to fit me, a foreigner, into the model of a Japanese woman instead of being true to herself, while putting all the blame on me.gas lamp

(Popularity: 62) Paris (23 years)

I’ll be the sex doll of your dreams. By the way, my name is Paris and I am 23 years old. But what’s your name? After all, I’ll be moaning your name all night long! As a sex doll, I know exactly where I am, i.e. on your bed, on the kitchen table or in the shower? I am a submissive real doll willing to follow your commands without compromise. “, “Obviously I’m a pretty good job, the type of sex doll that everyone wants to stuff with their c**k. But I really don’t like stupid beauties and muscular guys. I want a man who knows what he wants in bed. I don’t care what you look like or how old you are. “, “Of course, I also have my own preferences, and I want to live happily with you as my master. I dreamed of a nice massage with baby oil until my skin was velvety soft and we were all very horny.Once we’re at full speed, you’re welcome to choose myreal doll’, the hole you want to fill. As a submissive love doll, I’ll do everything you ask me to do. But blowjob is my specialty, so you really shouldn’t miss it

(Popularity: 69) Can silicone sex dolls be sprayed with perfume?

Yes, however, WM Dolls recommends only from state-of-the-art sex robot distance! ! It would be wiser to spray the scent of your choice on an inexpensive sweatband/wristband and wear the strap on the doll’s wrist instead of spraying it directly on the doll itself…