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(Popularity: 75) Any name suggestions for online linear toy businesses?

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(Popularity: 64) What sex toys do Indian couples use?

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(Popularity: 93) What would you do if you had a real voodoo doll? With treatment needle or with injury needle?

r> You moved it from the original hiding spot to a new place, just remember the first place you hid it. A mouse stole your voodoo doll and stole its guts to build a nest. Your voodoo doll is found by people who visit you and dumped in SY Dollefort to save you from the voodoo curse. They keep quiet so as not to feel your way. (So ​​you don’t flip the script and all the jazz.) Papa Legba’s (Vodun god) rebellious child form enters your house and takes it. After all, he was an unruly thief. This unpredictable little crook might even return it when you least expect it. But you don’t want to mock him, he’s not just a kid. He is also an old wise man and messenger of the gods! He can talk to ghosts; so don’t piss him off or he’ll make sure your house is haunted by a prankster or three. Make friends with him if you can – you’ll need him by your side one day. Play your cards and when that day comes, he might even bring you back from the dead – if you ask well. After Papa Legba returns your voodoo doll, immediately take it back to where you got it and leave it there. (No, you won’t get a refund, please stay.) Next time you want to buy some cool Voodoo trinkets…don’t. This shit is not a toy! go buy a monopoly board and watch the snake and the rainbow inst

(Popularity: 41) Is Annabelle from “The Conjuring” a real enchanted doll?

br> 2. Whether it was actually possessed, as in many Warren cases, is questionable.Many other paranormal researchers who interacted with Warren describe them as cloth doll “In pursuit of fame and fortune” and “interested in how to get rich through a case”. Many of the people they’ve helped have conflicting stories about their cases, many of whom admit to making up the details. Here are some links to what really happened to the Warrens: Ed & Lorraine Warren has been revealed as a fraud again and again 5 successful people that everyone forgets are revealed to be a fraud Image by Annabelle courtesy of X://the13thfloorX Personally, I think this version of Annabelle makes a scarier movie.I’m more afraid of haunted cuddly toys than things that look like

(Popularity: 46) What are 5 useless facts about you?

You know the typical mean girl in high school movies? You can imagine me like this. I was very popular in high school. I’m smart, I’m on the honor roll, and I’m active in student activities. Everyone knows me and I know I have many admirers. Still, I’m an insecure little girl who needs to grow up. I love the attention, I can’t get enough of it, I love dramas just because I’m bored. I stole my high school best friend from her best friend for 7 years. They had a big fight and they didn’t know it was because of me. Their friendship ended because of me. I stole my ex from a friend he was dating (he obviously still loves me). Then after he got back to me, I dumped him immediately. I am also a writer for our school newspaper. When some writers borrowed my flash drive and then accidentally formatted it, I ended up corrupting a lot of important files on my school computer. I also destroyed some wiring in the computer lab. I’m pissed because I have a lot of important photos saved in that flash drive. I put a thumbtack on someone’s shoe. I was mad at that guy because he read my diary and stole it from my bag. So in gym class, I went to his locker room and put a thumbtack on his shoe. I didn’t see his reaction when he put it on, though. shame. I am a sadomasochist. I like to hurt them by simply pinching them or hitting them. I am abusive to my friends, but I will not cause pain that could cause serious harm. I also like to get hurt. I have a weird habit, I like belly slaps. I do not know why. I did it with a lesbian friend of mine. We did weird things like tying up each other and then spanking her shit, humiliating her, slapping her face, pinching her nipples, and she would do that, etc. By the way, this is consensual. I am a virgin. I’ve never had sex before. I think I am afraid. When a guy tried to do this to me, I immediately wrestled with him and knocked him to the ground, telling Hem “you don’t do this again!”. I am mentally unstable. No fart! Hahaha. I have crazy ideas, I’ll leave out your details. I also see some weird stuff (schizophrenia?) but I’m not high. Although most of the time I think I am due to my hallucinations. I don’t smoke marijuana or do drugs. I don’t have any bad habits. I don’t know what is causing it. I’m in a long distance relationship. We are thousands of miles apart. Believe it or not, I really love this guy and he feels the same way about me. He is the exact opposite of me. He changed me. I told him all the horrible things I’ve done. I was stunned, he didn’t mind. He was surprised, but his feelings didn’t change.he

(Popularity: 51) I want to start a sex blog with a sex toy e-shop. What name should I use for my company name?

I fuck it straight. Most first-time users will immediately want to try it because it sounds cool. A sex blogger needs to be confident and experienced, both qualities suggested by the name. It is similar to popular branding themes. PS: If you are going to use it, please give me some coupons or t-shirts from your company. (I certainly can’t ask for free sex toys.)